(July, 2003)

Once upon a time there was a Jeep.


A '55 CJ5, serial number 100378, a.k.a. "Tonka". Maybe not the oldest one still on the road, but certainly in the top 500:).

Tonka spent most his life working for a living. For the first 30 years he had gainful employment in the sports industry, working as a Zamboni Model "E", notably at the Montreal Forum and later at a small rink in Chester, Nova Scotia. Note, after he left Montreal the Canadians never won another Stanley Cup.

I'm not suggesting anything here, I'll leave you to figure it out :).

After leaving the ice rink business he spent a few years earning his keep hauling fire wood for his PO. We aquired him about 10 years ago & after some well deserved R&R (Restoration & Rebuilding) he became our favored mode of summertime transport

I wish I could say the story had a happy ending but things don't always work out that way.

The Accident-

The Future...

The mini van driver not withstanding, I feel a sense of guilt about Tonka's current condition. For any number of "If Onlys-" he would be sitting in the driveway right now, Safe & Sound & all the Original Parts Intact. With a vehicle this old & this sort of history you don't own it so much as you're entrusted with it's care for a while & I can't help feeling like I failed in that somehow. However- it's a JEEP (Yes, all caps, just the way it's stamped into the side panel). It was never meant to be hidden away somewhere under a drop cloth lest it get some dust on it & it won't be in the future.

Tonka will ride again. Some of the parts are already on the way.

Of course, he won't be exactly as he was but then again he hasn't really been in original condition since '55. (late '54?). In many ways he'll be better & closer to stock than before the accident

With my wife's injuries, dealing with the police & insurance & adjusters & lawyers and the near destruction of something we've poured so much time & effort into I needed to do this page for my own sanity's sake. Thanks for letting me share this with you.

Here's an update on what's happened with Tonka since the accident.