Well, here it is- Out latest Acquisition- I'd tell you what I paid for it, but then you'd all be Jealous!

Look! Only 12 thou on the clock, why it's practically Brand New! Not only that but it doesn't appear to have had many road miles on it lately-

I'm not sure but I suspect that at some point it was optimized to do left hand turns, possibly for the NASCAR circuit :).

See, it's just got that Sporty "Rake" to it !

It probably wasn't very successful though, looks like it couldn't go much faster than a good running speed-

There may have also been a slight problem with seeing where you were going, unless of course, you swung up the convenient optional "Ventilating Windshield", or, swung down the convenient "Ventilated Windshield Frame"...

I may have to put in a few small patches here & there but a little Bondo should spruce the old girl right up-

For no really good reason, here's the back doors- (I'd show you the side doors, but they aren't in as good shape as the rest)

Isn't It Magnificent???

Maggie's Fate :(.>